Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I miss my treadmill...

It's true. I miss it. I see that thing every day. My shoes sit on top calling me. But I can't hop on because of my stupid veins. And to make matter's worse, I can't run the Frosty Frolic---a race I have done many times (even before I actually liked running).

Since Thanksgiving, I have only run a handful of times. Maybe clocked in 2o miles. And it's killing me. My mind is all over the place. I always knew how much running did for me physically. But I never knew exactly how much it did for me mentally. This is the longest I have gone without consistently running since deciding to train for the half marathon back in April of 2010. And I miss it. I miss the me time where my mind just wanders. I miss the prayer time. I miss the day dreaming. I miss the feeling of accomplishing a fast pace. I miss my heart rate racing as I push myself to go just a few minutes longer. I miss the runner's high. I even miss the sweat.

Two weeks can't go by fast enough.

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