Thursday, January 12, 2012

Griffin Updates

Griffin started allergy shots in November. We go once a week, and so far so good. He has yet to complain that it hurts, and he is easily occupied during the 30 minute wait period afterward. I can't say I notice a huge improvement in the allergy department because he still gets itchy, watery eyes quite frequently, and he still has bags under his eyes each and every day. However, his breathing is under control. Since finishing his antibiotics in November, his peak flow tests have been hitting high numbers. Even after visiting houses with dogs, he seemed okay breathing wise. Still got itchy, watery eyes, but hey, it's an improvement.

While at the doctor's office recently for shots, Griffin had two funny quotes that just left me laughing. At first he said, "Mom, I recognized my nurses face, but I didn't recognize her hair." This cracked me up. It was his favorite nurse, but she wore her hair straight that day rather than curly. I found it humorous that he noticed, but I was also amused at how he verbalized his observation. At the end of the 30 minute wait period, the nurse checks to make sure you aren't reacting at the injection site. Griffin receives two shots in one arm and one in the other. When she took off his bandaids, Griffin turned to me and exclaimed, "Isn't it magical that she can take both my bandaids off at the SAME time?"

In other news, Griffin was invited to his first "school" birthday party the other day. The boy is not in his same kindergarten class, but they both attend the before school program Adventures Plus together. These two kids must be two peas in a pod because the birthday invitation was creatively written and decorated in a Star Wars theme. (Not going to lie, I might steal the invitation when it comes time to sending out ones for Griffin's party!) Griffin is super excited and can't wait to go shopping to buy his friend a birthday present.

Next week, Griffin and I will be going to see the Broadway production of The Lion King. I am SO SO very excited to share this with him. I can't wait to see his face light up when the show starts. I also can't wait to see his reaction when the characters dance in the aisles. His seat is actually on the end, so he will have a perfect view!

My little man is growing up, and there are days when this is hard for me. I still can't believe he is a school-age kid in the beginning stages of reading. But, thankfully, my five year-old still needs me to tuck him into bed at night, he still likes to hold my hand, and he still likes to cuddle up next to me and read. I can handle the growing up part if he continues to do that :)

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