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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Minneapolis Half Marathon

Once again, I have chosen to run the Minneapolis Half Marathon benefiting World Vision. The race isn't until August, but I officially started my training program six weeks ago. I am determined to finish this race in under two hours--almost ten minutes faster than last year's race. If I stay on top of my training and stay focused, I know that I can do it.

To be honest, there are many reasons why I have chosen to make this race an annual event. I love being a part of something bigger than myself. It is such a pleasure to partner with an organization as amazing as World Vision. I also like setting goals that require me to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. Last April, I never thought I would run 13.1 miles. But I did. And now I plan on doing it again at a faster pace. Each time I start a run, I push myself, and the feeling I get after is so worth any of the pain I go through during it. And, let's be real here, I would be lying if I didn't mention how much I like fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes:)

But more importantly, I have chosen to continue raising money and running this race to set an example for my boys. Even at the age of two, Grayson knows that Mommy is a runner. Recently, I began changing into my running clothes about fifteen minutes before putting the kids to bed. As soon as I do this, Grayson asks, "Go running, mommy?" Because I sometimes go for a run while he is still awake, he knows what my running outfits look like. When I kiss Griffin good night, he asks, "Are you going to run, read books, or do homework?" As a parent, it is my job to be a role model and set an example. I love that my boys know what is important to me. They know I love to read. They know I am working hard to obtain my doctorate (well, as much as they can understand that). And they know that running is a priority. As I mentioned in the previous post, Griffin has also become a runner. Even though he is only four, he can run a mile, and he is starting to understand what it means to be healthy. As they continue to get older, I hope to have more and more conversations about these priorities and what it means to be all around healthy. Griffin is also at the age where I can start discussing World Vision with him. It's never too young to start teaching your kids what it means to care about others!

So, will you consider partnering with me? My goal is to raise $655--fifty dollars for every mile. Stop by here to make a donation on my behalf.

Will you help me stay focused on this journey? Check in now and then to see how I am doing.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Club West Fun Run 2011

Today, Griffin and I ran our very first "Fun Run" together. My little man "wowed" me today by running 1.15 miles without stopping once! We crossed the finish line with a time of 11 minutes and 30 seconds. I can barely put into words how much I enjoyed doing this with him today. I love that the two of us got to share my passion for running together. I love that when he got tired near the end, he asked if we could finish the race holding hands. I love that he wants to do it again. I love that I got a kiss without asking for one. Most of all, I loved creating a memory with my first-born son that I will NEVER forget. Thanks, Griffin! I LOVE YOU!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Letter to My Children on Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. Since the two of you are the reason I get to celebrate this day, I find it fitting to leave you with a letter. My heart has been heavy lately due to a variety of circumstances, and I want to impart a few things I have learned as a result.

Advice for the little lights of my life,

  • Smile... someone, maybe even yourself, will be encouraged by it.

  • Laugh often...the wrinkles are worth it!

  • Give generously...not just money, but of your time too!

  • Be respectful...if you disagree with someone or something, your points will be better heard when presented respectfully.

  • Challenge yourself...your mind and body is always capable of more than you give it credit for!

  • Forgive...we are forgiven, so we should return the favor. ESPECIALLY when we don't want to.

  • Nobody's perfect...when dishing out criticism, make sure you are criticizing yourself too!

  • Seek Truth...God's word is readily available for a reason!

  • Don't be afraid of failure...sometimes it is the only way to learn!

  • Love BIG...the only way to do this is to make yourself vulnerable, so don't hold back!

  • Be passionate about something...I don't care what it is, but find something to really care about.

  • Big hugs solve many least for a little while.

  • Never forget you are loved by your mom and dad...we are your biggest fans!

My last piece of advice comes from a current popular song on Christian radio. They aren't my words, but they are so true and so important!

Be strong in the Lord and,
Never give up hope,
You're going to do great things,
I already know,
God's got His hand on you so,
Don't live life in fear,
Forgive and forget,
But don't forget why you're here,
Take your time and pray,
These are the words I would say.

I love you, Griffin and Grayson. More than you can ever imagine.