Friday, April 30, 2010

We're still here...

I promise, my family is still alive and well. In fact, we are all currently healthy, believe it or not. Let's see how long that actually lasts.

Life is currently moving at a fast pace right now, and to be honest, I am having a hard time keeping up. I brought most of it on myself, so I know I can't complain, but I am currently running on empty!

Here is a glimpse into our past two weeks:
  • Kindergarten Screening---I CANNOT believe my child is old enough for this!
  • My 28th Birthday---loving that I am not 30 yet like most of my friends:)
  • Brandon and I went out on a date to The Tavern Grill and saw The Backup Plan.
  • Grayson passed all of his hearing tests and checked out wonderfully at his post-operation appointment
  • I have been completely busy with my doctoral program. Never in my life has education been this difficult for me. I am overwhelmed and constantly worried about getting my assignments done. Thankfully I am enjoying my current class, but man, I can't wait for my academic life to slow down for the summer!
  • Last night I participated in the Oak View Middle School Talent Show. A group of staff members performed the Hoedown Throwdown. Pictures and videos coming soon!
  • Only 26 more days of school with students and 28 total including staff days.
  • Griffin has been participating in T-Ball and Sports of All Sorts.
  • Grayson has developed quite the personality now that he can hear.
On Monday, we take Griffin to the eye specialist. We think his tear duct has closed again. I am waiting for confirmation on Monday, but I am convinced another surgery is in his future.

Check back soon for pictures and videos:)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cullen Micah

We went to visit Chad, Angie, and Mr. Cullen this afternoon. He is a cute, little peanut. Griffin adored the new babe and won't stop talking about him. When we were leaving, he asked, "Can we bring him home?" Welcome to the world, Cullen Micah! You have two of the best parents around!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I am pleased to announce...

that Cullen Micah was born around 6:00AM. I am tickled pink, er...I mean blue, that the two of us share the same birthday. The Dunigan Family hopes to visit the little man soon, so I will post pictures as soon as I am able!

Congrats, Chad and Angie! I look forward to sharing so many memories with you and your sweet baby boy:)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Soda Addiction

Recently, Griffin and Brandon had a conversation that went like this:

Griffin: Dad, do we have soda in the fridge?
Brandon: Yes
Griffin: Is it up high?
Brandon: Yes.
Griffin: Hmmm. I need to find a ladder.

Apparently giving him sips of our soda has created a horrible addiction :(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Griffin-isms

“Mom, why does Jesus have to die EVERY Easter?” (We have been discussing the Salvation message a lot at our house, and we came to find out that Griffin was under the assumption that every year Jesus died all over again. It was difficult trying to explain that Easter each year is a celebration, but after relating it to how we celebrate birthdays, I think he understood!)

When reviewing a Kid-O-Deo sermon, I asked Griffin, “What is the word God uses for when we make bad choices or make mistakes?” His response: “Dumb!” (We were looking for the word sin, but I guess dumb works too)

“Sound like a good plan?” or “Is that a good idea?”

“But I want MOMMY!”

“I just love being your son.” This usually follows me telling him that I love being his mom.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick Update

I apologize for going so long between posts. Life has been a whirlwind here with the MN Dunigans. To be brief, here is a short recap of events that have happened in the last week and will happen in the next few days:
  • After Grayson had his tubes put in on Monday, he started to come down with a cold. The cold turned nasty quickly, and Grayson was nice enough to share it with his brother. Both boys stayed home from Gail’s on Wednesday and were taken to the doctor to confirm another case of pink eye for both. Good news---Grayson’s ears were clear!
  • Griffin had his first gymnastics class and hated it.
  • On Friday, I started to get the aforementioned cold. Nothing too major, but I was definitely tired.
  • By Sunday, not only did I have the full-blown cold, but I woke up with an awful back ache. By the end of church that night, I could barely stand because of my back and subsequent stomach pain.
  • I decided to hit up the Urgent Care, where they found my stomach to be super tender right at the point of my appendix, and my white blood count was elevated.
  • I was then told to go to the ER where the doctor explained he would be calling a surgeon---he was POSITIVE I had appendicitis. Thankfully the surgeon he called requested another test. This test actually told us that my appendix was ultrasound then showed that I ruptured an ovarian cyst and had fluid built up in my uterus. Needless to say, it was a LONG, painful night, but I was SO THANKFUL to have Missy by my side while Brandon stayed home with the boys.
  • This past Tuesday brought a short visit from Papa Tom before flying out of the Minneapolis airport.
  • Yesterday I visited Urgent Care again because my cold wouldn’t go away, and I could barely talk...diagnosed with a sinus infection and given horse pill antibiotics.
  • Last night, Griffin had his first T-ball session. While an hour long class proved to be a little long for him, he did have fun, and he is excited to go back.
  • Today marks the end of tax season---YAY for having Brandon back in our lives FULL-time. I must say, I am not sure how he did it. I complained way more than he did!
  • On Saturday, I have my first class of my Doctoral Program at Bethel. My new laptop is set-up, and I am ready to go. If only I wasn’t so incredibly nervous! The syllabus looks a bit challenging in my opinion.
  • Any day now, our friends, Angie and Chad, will deliver (well, only Angie is lucky enough to get to do that part) their first baby---a BOY! I am so excited to love on their little man:)
  • So there you have it...a LOT to report for just over one week:)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Quick and Painless...

Grayson was taken back to the Operating Room at 7:10. Fifteen minutes later the doctor came out to tell me the surgery went well. Ten minutes later my little man was sleeping the anesthesia off in my arms. Done and Done, as I like to say!

We go back to see the doctor and audiologist on April 22nd. If everything goes as it should, Grayson will show improvement on both hearing tests. Here's to praying this procedure puts an end to ear infections and hearing loss!

Recent Griffin-isms

"Mom, are you making something beautiful?"

"Flash is Princess Belle's dad. He makes her dinner. He says, 'Belle---would you like a sandwich?" And she says, 'Yes, I would like a sandwich please.'"

"Mom, when I get to be a grown-up, can I marry you?"

"Well, he can have Grayson!" (In response to me trying to explain that he can't marry me because I am already married to Daddy.)

"Well, I like girl" (In response to being asked his favorite color.)

"I like girl toys. But I also like big transformers. Do you think you could get me a big transformer for my birthday. Or maybe a police spot dog like Henry's."

"That would be great."

"Mom, ask me what I am making." (I proceed to ask and he responds) "I am making a BIG town."

"Aunt Susie has big dogs. Can we go there sometime." (I hear this at least once a week.)

"I just love Grayson."

"I just miss Daddy."

"Can I watch a movie and have a sip of Soda?" I get asked this A LOT!

"I think (insert name) is crabby."

Sunday, April 4, 2010

At 7:10 AM

Grayson will have his ear tube surgery. While I am not really apprehensive about this minor procedure, I would still love to have prayers lifted up on his behalf: Prayers for comfort. Prayers for wisdom. Prayers for quick healing. Prayers for improved hearing.

I will update after we are home from the hospital.

Fargo/Easter Highlights

The kids and I went to Fargo on Friday to visit my sister and her family. The cousins always have a blast together, and it is a joy to see them grow up together as often as possible. (If only Brookfield was as close as Fargo is!) I think Griffin's highlight was riding the Ferris Wheel, and Grayson had the most fun being entertained by Henry. On Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny visited the kids and left an Easter Egg Hunt. To our surprise, he also left a few eggs to find back at our house in Blaine! Sunday afternoon we had a fancy lunch back home with Kelsey, and then the MN Dunigans attended the 4:00 Blaine EBC service. It was fitting to end the fun-filled day remembering the true reason we celebrate Easter!

Christ Has Risen...He Has Risen Indeed!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Spring!

How do you keep a one year old occupied at dinner?

Give him a very large carrot!

Tubes on Monday...

So, after a visit to the ENT today with Grayson, it was determined that our littlest man will have tubes put in THIS Monday.

We started out the appointment with the audiologist to test his hearing. He was classified as currently have mild to moderate hearing loss. In addition to the hearing test, they also did a tympanogram test. A normal reading shows up like a bell curve. Both ears for Grayson showed a flat line, which isn't good. Those two tests combined with the number of ear infections clearly indicated that something needed to be done, and done fast. We were lucky that not only did the surgeon have an opening for Monday, but I also have off of school. So, Monday it is:)