Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kids Against Hunger Race Day!

Today was by far my favorite race. So many good things to say about this race. First, the people who ran the race just rocked. They were super organized, and the announcer was super funny and uber motivating. Second, we got to run around Lake Calhoun...twice. Such a fun, beautiful run. Third, it basically rained the whole day. While the rain made it a bit unbearable for Brandon and Grayson, for Griffin and me, the rain made the race that much more fun. For the first time in a while, I let myself just run. Because of my recent foot issues and the weather, I decided to just run. I didn't concentrate on a time, and I barely looked at my watch. I just ran. I people watched. I prayed. I encouraged people who tried to walk. And I just ran. And while I am competitive and like to make personal records, I learned that sometimes I just have to let myself enjoy a run...even at a race. And enjoy myself I did. Overall Pace...exactly 9 minute miles. Fourth, I got to share my passion for running with Griffin again. Together we raised $300 for Kids Against Hunger, and Griffin ran his one mile race in NINE MINUTES FLAT! Yep, my five year old can run a nine minute mile. Pretty sure I couldn't do that until a few years ago. I also think it's pretty cool we paced exactly the same. We were also fortunate enough to have Kelsey join us for Griffin's race. It was super fun for me to just share this race as a family. Finally, because of the location, we got to stop at Jamba Juice on the way home. Doesn't get much better than that!!!

Not sure how long the link will stay open, but if you are still interested in donating, click here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


In my opinion, a 3-year-old T-Ball program is pretty impressive. We've only had one practice session, but Grayson had a blast, and I was impressed with how well they handled 19 kids...all the ripe old age of three!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fill Their Plate Run

Because of scheduling conflicts, I am not running with World Vision this year. However, I still wanted to make my runs matter. When I discovered a race that Griffin and I could do together, I signed up instantly.

This Saturday, Griffin and I will be running the Fill Their Plate Run benefiting Kids Against Hunger. Griffin will be running the One Mile Race, and I will be completing the 10K. The two of us, together, hope to make a difference in the lives of children who go without food all too often.

Click here to visit our donation page. Your support is appreciated.

~Sandra and Griffin

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Go Commando

First things first. I did NOT make Brandon do this. I simply asked if he wanted to join some friends from school to participate. I did not encourage. I just asked.

I did not do this race because I knew I would get hurt. I am accident prone, and I am training for a goal time September First. An injury from a race like this would have been devastating.

But alas, Brandon participated, and I was the picture taker. I LOVED watching people go through the course. And, there were a few smiles out of Brandon.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Day of Kindergarten

I can't believe how fast this year went. I remember bringing him to his first day of school, and now it's summer. He is officially entering first grade this fall. 

And to make sure he went out with a bang, Griffin fell off the playground set at recess on the very last day.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kindergarten Picnic

I was fortunate enough to attend the Kindergarten Picnic over my lunch and prep hour. I snapped this picture of my handsome little man.