Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The things runners do...

After not taking a rest day the day after a long run, my hip went psycho on me. I had only a few days to recover before my Women Rock MN Half Marathon, so I had to think quickly. Three ice baths were in order, and they did the trick. Believe it or not, they aren't half bad. The worst part is getting your feet in. After that, just hold a cup of tea and read a good book, and the time goes by quickly.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


This is what happens when you don't pay attention to where you are going when you run :( He ran right into a pole!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Griffin!!!

Dear Mr. Griffin,

Today you are six years old. Six seems impossibly old to me, but what seems really old is the fact that you are entering first grade in just a few short weeks. My little boy is no. longer. little. As my friend, Micah, said the other day, "He is officially a boy." Emphasis on boy. Not toddler. Not preschooler. Boy. You are a boy.

But, you are still my little man on this earth. As long as you will let me, I will hold your hand, kiss your face, and hug you as tight as possible. You, my son, bring great joy into the Dunigan House, and our lives are full of forever joy because of your presence.

Currently, you are still a busy body who enjoys sports. You played tennis this spring and summer, took swimming lessons, and continued to run in races with Mommy. Upon seeing a registration sign just the other day, you also declared your continued love for basketball. I love that you are so active. When I asked you what your favorite sport was, you asked me if running counted. Why yes. Yes it does. Your love for running and swimming became even more evident at the start of the Olympics. Each and every night you watched and asked questions about swimming. I thought your love for swimming was waning, but apparently Michael Phelps inspired you more than I knew. Now the same thing is happening with Track and Field. You even asked to practice your starts after watching the Trials. My favorite sports story took place just a couple of days ago at PlayNet. You told them you didn't have a talent (they were putting on a talent show) except playing sports. So, one of the leaders got up and raced you to show off your running talent during the show:)

Another passion of yours right now is anything arts and crafts related. You consistently ask to go to Kid's Club at the YMCA because each day there is a new craft for you to create. I am constantly picking up little scraps of paper because you love to cut and tape pieces of paper together to create animals and accessories for those animals. You also love to sleep with your creations as though they are stuffed animals.

Your food habits have stayed pretty consistent. You love pizza, tacos, and pasta. You also love to try my coffee. You don't like plain coffee, but you love my flavored lattes or mochas from Starbucks. You also LOVE coffee ice cream, which suprises many. Like Mom and Dad, you like to eat out. Jimmy Johns, Subway, and Taco Bell are probably your favorite fast food restaurants, but you like McDonald's too. If we get to go to a sit-down restaurant, your choice is always Chili's, but you recently took a liking to TGIFriday's.

As always, you continue to amaze me with your kind heart, loving spirit, and passion for all things related to your faith. You are an incredible big brother. Despite the fact that the two of you know how to push eachother's buttons, you protect your brother something fierce. You chose to go to VBS because "the point is learning about the Bible," and many leaders sought me out to explain how impressed they were with you and how you looked out for your brother. You still love going to Kid-O-Deo, and in a few short weeks you will be transitioning to Elevate. You made Mommy super proud a few short weeks ago when you asked to get a devotional book from church. You remind us each night that we need to read it and pray.

As first grade approaches, you remind me daily that sending you to school at an early age was the right decision. You love to read, and you have a phenomonal memory. Upon visiting the dentist last month, I could not remember the name of one of your inhalers. You immediately piped up, "It's Dulera, Mom!" Watching you learn and grow academically has been super fun for this teacher mom :)

For entertainment, you love watching movies, playing on the iPad, listening to music, and playing the Wii. Your favorite things to watch right now are the Lorax, Lilo and Stitch, and episodes of Star Wars. You love listening to Josh Decker, and you were enamored with him after having the opportunity to sing on stage at church. Listening to you sing brings a smile to my face instantly because you are super passionate, and it is obvious music brings you hapiness.
In terms of your health, you are in a much better place now that we have you on regular allergy shots. You just reached your top dose last week, and you will continue receiving shots for about a year. These shots leave you red and bruised each week, but you have yet to cry. And like your mommy, you insist on watching. The nurses suggest you turn your head, but you always refuse. Your breathing is better, and you get sick less often. We pray this continues.

You are one incredible boy, Griffin, and we are thankful God placed you in our lives. May you continue to grow in your faith and bring smiles to those around around you. Dad and I are so proud to call you our son.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I sit and stare...

Sometimes I can't help but stare at my children when they sleep. They seem so peaceful, and everything is right with the world. Both my boys will still nap  a couple times a week, so here is Griffin snuggled up with a freshly washed Rufus, courtesy of Uncle Christopher. Oh, and that is our new bedding...a gift from Kelsey for our anniversary!!!

Adjunct Faculty

SUPER excited to announce that I am joining the College of St. Scholastica as an Adjunct Instructor. I am teaching a Content Area Reading class (MY DREAM!) this fall, with a chance at more in the spring. We are still trying to figure out how I am going to do everything, but I know it will work out. I have been working towards this goal since the moment I started my doctoral program, so I am simply stoked!