Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teaching Gratitude

How do you teach someone to be thankful? Is it possible? What actions need to happen? How consistent do you need to be?

I struggle with these thoughts today because of something that took place at my school. Currently, a fellow co-worker and I are heading up a drive to raise funds for Sponsor a Family. We've sponsored four families as an entire grade (over 400 students). We want our students to bring in around $1500 dollars so that we can provide families with coats, socks, gift certificates for food, and a few gifts for their kids this holiday season. We are at day two of the fundraiser, and our kids have only brought in $30. It irks me that they don't bring in donations.

How do I make sure my two boys don't do the same when they are 13? Sometimes I feel like I fail. Griffin is always asking to visit the Toy section of any store despite the fact that he has more toys than he could ever need. On the other hand, after hearing me prepare for this fundraiser, he told me he finally has enough money in his piggy bank to buy gifts for kids who don't have any. We also require him to donate 10% of whatever cash or allowance he receives for his piggy bank to church. How do I keep his generous spirit alive? What can I start with Grayson? I want my kids to be thankful. Any suggestions?

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Monday, November 29, 2010

It's hard not to smile...

when I am surrounded by these wonderful people!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Words Are Confusing

Griffin suffers from eczema, and it can get pretty bad in the winter. Just the other day, his skin broke out really bad, and patches of his skin began to bleed.

Griffin was frustrated, so he asked Brandon, "Why does my skin do this, Dad?"

Brandon responded, "Your skin just gets irritated easily."

Griffin replied, "Earitated...but my ears are up here?"

Gotta love em!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today, I Choose Joy

Right now, my brain is fried. My back and neck hurt from the accident, and Advil is becoming my best friend. I am swamped with homework because I am in the middle of TWO Bethel classes. I am exhausted because I am taking more and more work home from school because 7th grade essay writing is in full swing. My house is a disaster because my nights are so full that I feel like I might burst. Throw this all together, and I am one tired, cranky wife/mom who has done more yelling in the past two weeks than I care to admit.

But today. Today, I choose joy. I am choosing to focus on the positives:
  • I just registered for the Minneapolis Half Marathon and only paid $30 instead of $60.
  • Both of my little men are healthy... despite the fact that everyone else in day care was sick early last week.
  • On this date last year, I had already used 6 sick days at school due to doctor's appointments and the endoscopy. So far I have only used one this year!
  • Even though I am barely keeping myself together emotionally and am in a lot of pain, I am still running and meeting personal time goals. Just last night, I ran 4.15 miles in 35 minutes.
  • In just two weeks, I will get to see my sister and watch Griffin play with Henry and Ella.
  • On Friday, I am getting a massage.
  • This week is spirit week at school, and you better believe I am going full out. Come back and see my "Pink Explosion" outfit for tomorrow.
  • Although my doctoral program is A TON of work, I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.
  • Grayson is becoming more and more verbal every day. I love the smile on his face when he successfully says a new word.
  • Griffin is loving Caribou Preschool, and I am becoming more and more content with our decision to send him to Kindergarten next year.
  • I am most likely getting a MINI-VAN!!!
  • Jesus loves me no matter how many mistakes I make or how tired and cranky I become. He makes it so much easier to choose JOY!
So there you have it. Today, I choose Joy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

They will always be my babies...

Just a few minutes ago, as we were snuggling before bedtime, Griffin asked, "Can you sing the love you for always song?" So, of course, I began rocking my four year old and sang:

I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
As long as I'm living
My baby you'll be.

After singing this about ten times, I kissed my oldest baby goodnight and left the room fighting back tears.

Thank you, Robert Munsch, for putting my feelings into a book I hope my kids will love and remember forever.