Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teaching Gratitude

How do you teach someone to be thankful? Is it possible? What actions need to happen? How consistent do you need to be?

I struggle with these thoughts today because of something that took place at my school. Currently, a fellow co-worker and I are heading up a drive to raise funds for Sponsor a Family. We've sponsored four families as an entire grade (over 400 students). We want our students to bring in around $1500 dollars so that we can provide families with coats, socks, gift certificates for food, and a few gifts for their kids this holiday season. We are at day two of the fundraiser, and our kids have only brought in $30. It irks me that they don't bring in donations.

How do I make sure my two boys don't do the same when they are 13? Sometimes I feel like I fail. Griffin is always asking to visit the Toy section of any store despite the fact that he has more toys than he could ever need. On the other hand, after hearing me prepare for this fundraiser, he told me he finally has enough money in his piggy bank to buy gifts for kids who don't have any. We also require him to donate 10% of whatever cash or allowance he receives for his piggy bank to church. How do I keep his generous spirit alive? What can I start with Grayson? I want my kids to be thankful. Any suggestions?

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