Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today, I Choose Joy

Right now, my brain is fried. My back and neck hurt from the accident, and Advil is becoming my best friend. I am swamped with homework because I am in the middle of TWO Bethel classes. I am exhausted because I am taking more and more work home from school because 7th grade essay writing is in full swing. My house is a disaster because my nights are so full that I feel like I might burst. Throw this all together, and I am one tired, cranky wife/mom who has done more yelling in the past two weeks than I care to admit.

But today. Today, I choose joy. I am choosing to focus on the positives:
  • I just registered for the Minneapolis Half Marathon and only paid $30 instead of $60.
  • Both of my little men are healthy... despite the fact that everyone else in day care was sick early last week.
  • On this date last year, I had already used 6 sick days at school due to doctor's appointments and the endoscopy. So far I have only used one this year!
  • Even though I am barely keeping myself together emotionally and am in a lot of pain, I am still running and meeting personal time goals. Just last night, I ran 4.15 miles in 35 minutes.
  • In just two weeks, I will get to see my sister and watch Griffin play with Henry and Ella.
  • On Friday, I am getting a massage.
  • This week is spirit week at school, and you better believe I am going full out. Come back and see my "Pink Explosion" outfit for tomorrow.
  • Although my doctoral program is A TON of work, I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.
  • Grayson is becoming more and more verbal every day. I love the smile on his face when he successfully says a new word.
  • Griffin is loving Caribou Preschool, and I am becoming more and more content with our decision to send him to Kindergarten next year.
  • I am most likely getting a MINI-VAN!!!
  • Jesus loves me no matter how many mistakes I make or how tired and cranky I become. He makes it so much easier to choose JOY!
So there you have it. Today, I choose Joy!

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