Friday, March 17, 2017

50 for 50. YES, I am crazy.

2017 is going to be different. 2017 is going to be HARD. 2017 is stretching me in ways I never anticipated. But by golly, 2017 has me joining a new church, finishing out my first year as a professor, and it WILL have me crossing the finish line of 50 miles and $50,000.

Almost seven years ago, I signed up to run my first half marathon. Almost four years ago, I signed up to run my first full marathon. Two and a half years ago I declared I would NEVER run an ultramarathon. But Here I am. I have set a goal to run 50 miles and raise a lifetime total of $50,000 for Team World Vision. So what does "Here I am" look like for me this year?

I can't lie to you. I am SCARED OUT OF MY MIND. I am a fairly confident person, and I tend to set big goals. But this one scares me. I am still in base training, and I am already running more than 100 miles a month. I am reading about stretching, fueling, shoes, etc., and these are subjects I thought I already mastered. My legs are constantly sore, and my body is tired. Declaring that the Twin Cities Marathon will be a training run makes this sound impossible. Fundraising is awkward, and it's humbling to continue to ask people to donate their time and their resources.  But my heart is full. I am continuing to spread the love of Jesus, and my boys continue to learn that we can ALL do hard things. I also have AMAZING friends and family who are rallying behind me in any way they can. I have running partners, financial supporters, people who simply encourage me with words/cards/emails, and a husband who comes alongside me in any way he can. God continues to remind me that I am NOT on this journey alone, and we go farther together. I am scared. I am tired. But Here I am.

So many people shake their head in disbelief when they find out I am training to run my first ultra marathon (50 miles). I get it. Running 50 miles can seem crazy. But that's not the point. The point is that I have legs that work and a heart for Jesus. God is continuing to remind me that I am a daughter of THE KING, and my story matters. What I do with my story matters. Running 50 miles isn't crazy. Rasing $50,000 isn't crazy. What is crazy is that there are kids in Africa who die because they don't have access to clean water.

God constantly invites us to join Him. So Here I am. Running more miles than I ever imagined I would. It's hard. Sometimes it downright sucks. But I am doing it. I serve an incredible God who gave me the ability to do big things in His name. So when I hear people tell me I am crazy, it simply fuels my fire. Because I am crazy. Crazy about Jesus. Crazy about clean water. Because Water is Life. And EVERYone deserves a chance at life.

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