Saturday, March 18, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday, Grayson!

Dear Grayson,

Today you turn 8 years old. Eight years ago, you were placed in my arms, and our family of four became complete. You are growing up so incredibly fast, but thankfully your little body is tinier than most your age. You likely want to be bigger, but I love that you still fit perfectly in my arms.

At 45 pounds, you weigh what your little brother did at 5 years old. But man, you can pack some punch into that little body of yours. Your muscles are strong, and your legs are fast. You can run an 8 minute mile, and I think one day you could give Ninja Warrior a run for their money :)

Math is still your thing. You ask Griffin and me to make up math problems for you ALL. THE. TIME. When you finish tests early at school, your teacher often finds you doubling numbers over and over and over again. You talk often about how you want to be a math teacher or an engineer when you grow up, and your Lego Building Skills are on point.

This summer you will be participating in Summer Academy, a three week learning experience for high achieving students. You are SO SO SO excited to go that you ask constantly how many more days until it starts. You decided not to go back to Trout Lake Camp this year. I think you are a homebody like your father.

You also LOVE Board Games. You love to play Monopoly, Mastermind, Sleeping Queens, and Guesturres. I am simply waiting for the day you fall in love with Pictionary :)

You still play tennis, and you were stoked to find out you moved up to the next level for the final spring session. Again, you are always the smallest one on the court, but you can hustle!!! You and Griffin talk often about being doubles partners when you grow up. I would LOVE that :) Speaking of Griffin, the two of you have an incredible bond. It is truly a blessing to watch the two of you together.

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