Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sorry to leave you hanging...

I know, I know. My posts aren't being published as often. Give me a break. I. AM. BUSY! Here's the short version of our life:
  • Griffin does NOT need another eye surgery!!!
  • I say good bye to my current students in exactly two weeks!
  • I have one more week left of my Bethel class! I don't start class again until the middle of July.
  • Grayson is still growing slower than doctors would like him to be...we are in the process of working with a child nutritionist to beef him up:)
  • I have a classroom next more pushing a cart for this lady!
  • The weather has been beautiful. I got sunburned yesterday taking my students outside to read for a bit.
  • Griffin can ride a two-wheeler with training wheels. We are in the process of finding him a bike to have at our house.
  • I have become a garage sale shopper. I found amazing things last weekend.
  • Both boys now sleep in the same room, and the other room has been converted into a playroom. Most days it works out beautifully, and I LOVE having the downstairs not look like Toys R Us threw up on my floor.
  • My job at Eagle Brook will come to a close this weekend. I have mixed feelings. I adore working with kiddos and teaching them about Christ, but I am thankful to have more time to spend with my family.
  • Summer is right around the corner. I am a little disappointed that we have most of it filled up with school, weddings, trips, and curriculum writing. Praying my days are not as chaotic as the calendar looks.
  • Yesterday, after giving Griffin a piece of candy, he replied, "Thank you. You are such a special Mommy!" (Isabel, read carefully...candy is the way to Griffin's heart!)
I will post pictures soon!

Sunday, May 2, 2010