Monday, June 28, 2010

One Cool Dude

My Little Fish

Our first week of summer vacation proved that I have two little fish for sons, and I couldn't be happier:) I always knew that Griffin enjoyed the water, but he still had his fearful moments now and again. Furthermore, his last set of swimming lessons through our school district proved difficult because he wasn't very comfortable in the water. That has completely changed this summer. In fact, he skipped a level of swimming lessons! We were also lucky enough to go to our pool every day last week for at least a bit. Griffin is a swimming maniac. He thoroughly enjoys "diving" for things in the kiddie pool, but he LOVES jumping off the side of the pool in the big pool. Thankfully, Grayson has now fallen in love with the water and is content in his floatie while I catch Griffin!

The most shocking pool transformation came from Grayson. When we visited the pool over Memorial Day, he HATED the pool. Screamed. the. entire. time. He ended up in the stroller for the rest of the visit. Now, however, he will purposely dunk himself and loves to splash. While taking both boys to the pool by myself is a bit stressful and challenging, it is something I will continue to do on a daily basis. I always said that my children would love the pool, whether they liked it or not, so I am happy camper knowing they do actually like it:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recent Griffin-isms

The other day I told Griffin I was sad that he would be four soon. His response: "It's okay Mom. Four isn't a big kid yet, so I can still cuddle with you."

Just yesterday I was telling Griffin that we would be going home to Wisconsin soon. We were listing off who we were going to see, and when we got to Papa Bill, he said, "He has a dog, right? What's his name again?" The conversation went on a little bit, and then he said, WORD FOR WORD, "Papa Bill says that Doogie doesn't have any teeth. I just don't see how that's possible."

Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer 2010 Has Begun

After a stressful week of curriculum writing after regular school got out, my summer vacation has officially begun. While this summer is proving to be one of the busiest we have ever had, I am soaking up as much time as I can with my boys.

Both boys are signed up for swimming lessons on Wednesday nights. Each boy has had one lesson so far, and they both did wonderfully. I am super impressed with how the Shoreview Community Center runs its lessons. Griffin is really coming out of his shell. Even the instructor commented on how comfortable he is going underwater. It's about time :) I mean, I am his mother!

Tomorrow we take Grayson to see a speech therapist to discuss/work on his eating. Weird, I know. I didn't know speech therapists did that, but apparently they do. I'll let you know how it goes:) On Thursday, he has his 15 month check-up, so I will update his stats then:)

In the middle of all of this, I am training for the World Vision Half Marathon on August 22nd. I am running farther and more often than ever before, and it is affirming to see myself get faster and stronger. And let's be honest, the weight loss is a big motivator too:) I am excited to push my body to a place it has never been come race day. I will post fundraising details soon.

I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pictures and a Funny Story

Learning to use a spoon...

Too bad not much made it in his mouth...:(

Our mischief maker...

Learning to wink after his hair cut!

Loves long as it isn't in a pool:(

Still in love with the ZOO!

Catch me!

Washing Dishes with Daddy

About five minutes ago, Griffin farted. I looked at him, and he said, "Did you step on a frog?" I almost died of laughter. This is apparently what they say at day care when someone toots!

School is almost done...can't wait to spend more time with my little men.

We are still struggling with Grayson and his feeding/weight gain. We see a specialist in a couple of weeks to help work on his refusal to eat any solid foods.

Griffin is almost four...can you believe it? He just finished reading the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with Brandon. It melts my heart to see and hear them read together:)

Enjoy the pictures!