Monday, June 28, 2010

My Little Fish

Our first week of summer vacation proved that I have two little fish for sons, and I couldn't be happier:) I always knew that Griffin enjoyed the water, but he still had his fearful moments now and again. Furthermore, his last set of swimming lessons through our school district proved difficult because he wasn't very comfortable in the water. That has completely changed this summer. In fact, he skipped a level of swimming lessons! We were also lucky enough to go to our pool every day last week for at least a bit. Griffin is a swimming maniac. He thoroughly enjoys "diving" for things in the kiddie pool, but he LOVES jumping off the side of the pool in the big pool. Thankfully, Grayson has now fallen in love with the water and is content in his floatie while I catch Griffin!

The most shocking pool transformation came from Grayson. When we visited the pool over Memorial Day, he HATED the pool. Screamed. the. entire. time. He ended up in the stroller for the rest of the visit. Now, however, he will purposely dunk himself and loves to splash. While taking both boys to the pool by myself is a bit stressful and challenging, it is something I will continue to do on a daily basis. I always said that my children would love the pool, whether they liked it or not, so I am happy camper knowing they do actually like it:)

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