Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Running with Team World Vision

Last night I was able to hear stories and see pictures from a trip a teammate of mine took to Zambia with Team World Vision. Looking through these picture and hearing his stories made me want to double my efforts with TWV. He was able to show me real people with real stories who are affected because of our efforts fundraising for World Vision.

The motto for TWV is Water is Life. I've known this for four years. But now, this motto takes on a whole new level. Water really is life. And I got to see it through Scott's pictures. He got to see it first hand. Villages are essentially brand new when World Vision is able to come in and provide the clean water well. What stuck with me the most is that more children are able to attend school when clean water is around. Every child deserves to learn.

Will you help me in transforming lives? Click here to donate.  $50 provides one person clean water for life. Can you help change the life of one person? Two? Maybe more? Can you join in with someone else's efforts to provide clean water for a real person with real hopes and dreams? EVERY donation counts. Every donation helps villages go from having dirty, contaminated water to having clean water that doesn't make you sick.

Photos Courtesy of Scott Stauffacher