Friday, April 30, 2010

We're still here...

I promise, my family is still alive and well. In fact, we are all currently healthy, believe it or not. Let's see how long that actually lasts.

Life is currently moving at a fast pace right now, and to be honest, I am having a hard time keeping up. I brought most of it on myself, so I know I can't complain, but I am currently running on empty!

Here is a glimpse into our past two weeks:
  • Kindergarten Screening---I CANNOT believe my child is old enough for this!
  • My 28th Birthday---loving that I am not 30 yet like most of my friends:)
  • Brandon and I went out on a date to The Tavern Grill and saw The Backup Plan.
  • Grayson passed all of his hearing tests and checked out wonderfully at his post-operation appointment
  • I have been completely busy with my doctoral program. Never in my life has education been this difficult for me. I am overwhelmed and constantly worried about getting my assignments done. Thankfully I am enjoying my current class, but man, I can't wait for my academic life to slow down for the summer!
  • Last night I participated in the Oak View Middle School Talent Show. A group of staff members performed the Hoedown Throwdown. Pictures and videos coming soon!
  • Only 26 more days of school with students and 28 total including staff days.
  • Griffin has been participating in T-Ball and Sports of All Sorts.
  • Grayson has developed quite the personality now that he can hear.
On Monday, we take Griffin to the eye specialist. We think his tear duct has closed again. I am waiting for confirmation on Monday, but I am convinced another surgery is in his future.

Check back soon for pictures and videos:)

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