Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Griffin-isms

“Mom, why does Jesus have to die EVERY Easter?” (We have been discussing the Salvation message a lot at our house, and we came to find out that Griffin was under the assumption that every year Jesus died all over again. It was difficult trying to explain that Easter each year is a celebration, but after relating it to how we celebrate birthdays, I think he understood!)

When reviewing a Kid-O-Deo sermon, I asked Griffin, “What is the word God uses for when we make bad choices or make mistakes?” His response: “Dumb!” (We were looking for the word sin, but I guess dumb works too)

“Sound like a good plan?” or “Is that a good idea?”

“But I want MOMMY!”

“I just love being your son.” This usually follows me telling him that I love being his mom.

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