Monday, April 5, 2010

Recent Griffin-isms

"Mom, are you making something beautiful?"

"Flash is Princess Belle's dad. He makes her dinner. He says, 'Belle---would you like a sandwich?" And she says, 'Yes, I would like a sandwich please.'"

"Mom, when I get to be a grown-up, can I marry you?"

"Well, he can have Grayson!" (In response to me trying to explain that he can't marry me because I am already married to Daddy.)

"Well, I like girl" (In response to being asked his favorite color.)

"I like girl toys. But I also like big transformers. Do you think you could get me a big transformer for my birthday. Or maybe a police spot dog like Henry's."

"That would be great."

"Mom, ask me what I am making." (I proceed to ask and he responds) "I am making a BIG town."

"Aunt Susie has big dogs. Can we go there sometime." (I hear this at least once a week.)

"I just love Grayson."

"I just miss Daddy."

"Can I watch a movie and have a sip of Soda?" I get asked this A LOT!

"I think (insert name) is crabby."

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