Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tubes on Monday...

So, after a visit to the ENT today with Grayson, it was determined that our littlest man will have tubes put in THIS Monday.

We started out the appointment with the audiologist to test his hearing. He was classified as currently have mild to moderate hearing loss. In addition to the hearing test, they also did a tympanogram test. A normal reading shows up like a bell curve. Both ears for Grayson showed a flat line, which isn't good. Those two tests combined with the number of ear infections clearly indicated that something needed to be done, and done fast. We were lucky that not only did the surgeon have an opening for Monday, but I also have off of school. So, Monday it is:)


  1. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts that day! Hopefully the tubes will help with his infections and hearing!

  2. Oh sorry to read about your little guy....what a rough road it has been for him (and you guys!) Glad you are able to get more answers him in soon.

    In the meantime, have a sweet Easter, my friend!

    Boy, I think I am due for a visit to the cities soon....I miss my friends there (like you)!