Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alivia to the Rescue!

The worst part about Grayson's pink eye and ear infection is that we had to forfeit a family trip to our subdivision's Easter Party. Each year, our association puts on a big party for the little kids. The Easter Bunny makes an appearance, kids can search for eggs, and they even bring in a petting zoo. While I was super bummed that we couldn't go as a family, I was able to get Alivia, our regular, wonderful babysitter, to come and take Griffin while I stayed confined in the house with Grayson. Thankfully she took our camera, so she was able to snatch a few good pictures.

While they were gone, Grayson and I hung out upstairs. Because our downstairs is so small, I am trying to have the kids play upstairs more. Our bedrooms upstairs are way bigger than we could ever need, so I am trying to keep more toys upstairs so that we aren't always down stairs in the family room/kitchen. Despite being sick, I think the pictures show that he had a good time hanging out with just Mommy!

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