Monday, March 1, 2010

Recent Griffin Quotes

Everyday, on the way home from day care, I always ask Griffin what his favorite part of the day was. Because I don't get to spend the day with him, this daily ritual becomes a way for me to stay connected with his life at Gail's house. Well, the other day when I asked him to share his favorite part of the day, he wouldn't answer. When I asked him why he wasn't sharing, he responded, "Um, because I think you should just concentrate on the road!" (really? is he thirty?)

Today, on the way to day care, Griffin preceded to share a story from last week at Gail's. The following is almost exactly word for word... "Yesterday, at Gail's (everything that happens in the past is yesterday, by the way), there was a neighborhood cat in the yard. It killed some birds. Here's the plan. You protect Grayson by putting him back in your belly, and I will protect the birds."

Sorry honey, no babies are going back into Mommy's belly!

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