Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Ear Infection...AGAIN :(

Once again, our poor little Grayson is plagued by an ear infection in both ears. The one ear is so bad, that the doctor told us yesterday had we waited a day longer to bring him in, his ear drum would have likely burst. Our poor little guy is clearly in a lot of pain, so we are hoping the antibiotics, chiropractor visit, and ibuprofen start making a difference soon.

As a result of having five ear infections in three months, we were referred on to see an ENT doctor on April 1st. I am hoping to find some answers because it is hard to see him so uncomfortable!

We don't take him in for his year check-up until the middle of April due to our regular doctor being on maternity leave, but his weight yesterday was 19.5 lbs. It is fun having such a little man cruising around our house.

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