Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Today was absolutely fantastic. I was notified at 6:00 that I could go back to sleep because SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED!!! My children then slept until 8, but I didn't realize I had fallen back to sleep. At 8:45, I awoke again to their laughter and sounds of coloring in the hallway. They had eaten breakfast on their own, and I got some MUCH needed rest.

The rest of the day was simply amazing... Despite the fact that I truly despise snow, I did enjoy myself.

 I got to witness my boys pretend play while I sipped my blueberry coffee slowly. In a real mug. Not a travel mug.

I got to piece together proper snow attire for Grayson because most of his winter gear is at Pam's house.

I pieced together an outfit for myself because despite the fact that I live in MN, I do not own winter boots, snow pants, or gloves made for wet snow. See statement above.

I heard laughter as we ventured into the winter wonderland of snow.

I got to witness snow angels in the making.

I taught my kids how to make soda slushies in the snow.

We pretended to eat lunch on our patio furniture.

I kissed windburned cheeks.

We drank hot chocolate.

I spent more than 10 minutes cooking lunch and later dinner.

I listened to Griffin read aloud to Grayson.

My boys watched Spiderman while I read parts of a book.

I let my kids take a bath in our Master Bath Tub. The BIG one.

We ate oreos.

We went out into the snow a second time.

Like I said. We had an amazing day.

I love when I am forced to slow down and soak up my children.

We are blessed.

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