Friday, March 22, 2013

Pretend you left me at Target...

Catchy title, huh?

Really, though. This isn't just a ploy to get you to read my post. This is a game my children want to play with me on a regular basis. As in I play this game at least once Every. Single. Day. Both my children like to play this game, but Grayson is the biggest fan by far.

Rules: Pretend you left your child at Target.

It's true. That's it. Griffin or Grayson will come up to me and say, "Pretend you left me at Target" and proceed to hide under a blanket or behind the couch. I then have to pretend I can't find them. I make my voice all shaky and shout, "Oh no. Where is Grayson (or Griffin)! I can't find him. I might have left him at Target!" I keep repeating this over and over. I hear giggles and giggles until I pull away the blanket, feign my complete and utter relief, smile, and shout, "Oh. There you are. I found you!"

For a while this game made little sense to me. I especially didn't understand the desire to play it every. single. day. But then it occurred to me. They like to be found because when I find them, I show how happy I am that they are no longer "missing." This game reiterates to them over and over again that I want them to be found. Translation: I want them in my life.

Don't we all like to be found? Don't we all yearn for someone to be truly and utterly happy when he/she finds us? Don't we all want to see joy on someone's face when he/she sees us? It's easy to get caught up in all that good parenting entails. It's easy to fall prey to the trap of comparing your family to another family. But at the end of the day, my boys just want me to love them and acknowledge them. My boys just take that desire and make a game out of it. It's their way of saying, "Show me again how much you love seeing me. Show me again how much joy I bring to your life."

As their mom, I'm happy to oblige. I found you my dear children. I found you.

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