Monday, March 11, 2013

Day One: Spring Break 2013

I am truly blessed to have a job I love. Seriously. I can't imagine doing anything else other than teaching. What's more, the job I love also allows me to spend time with my children over holidays and breaks.

Spring Break started today, and we started it out with a bang. Last night we had a sleepover. Jackson, son of our dear friends Missy and Robbie, had tubes put in his ears early this morning. As a result, we hosted Isabel over at our house for the boys first sleepover. With a girl :) It was a pleasure listening to those three kiddos go to bed last night. I even had to warn them that I would have to separate them if they didn't stop talking. It was hard not to keep a straight face while doing this because I remember being told this when I was little. I was worried Isabel would get scared in the middle of the night being away from family for the first time, but she did beautifully. I awoke to the sounds of giggles and laughter from downstairs, and donuts were in order. We are blessed to do life with this family.

After Isabel left, the boys played and colored while I put away a few things. During quiet time, Griffin surprised me by reading an entire Junie B. Jones book. In an hour. I was skeptical at first, but he could answer every question I asked of him. Those books are a little sassy for me, but I love that he devours books. Reading books is also part of my job description (Believe it or not I do have readers at Griffin's level), so I am fortunate enough to be able to read most of what he reads. This gives me the opportunity to discuss the books he reads with him and not have to worry about censoring.

When we left the house for the first time, it was after lunch. I decided to stop at Caribou first, and then I started to curse one of my favorite people, Holly Johnson. You see. I used to not like Caribou. I only liked their tea, and I was a true Starbucks fan. This limited the amount of fancy coffee I drank because there are only Starbucks inside of Targets. Target is not open in the morning when I want a coffee, nor does it have a drive thru. And then one day I tried Holly's Turtle Mocha. Hers was way too sweet, so I stupidly asked her to get me one with half of everything the next time she went. She did, and now I am obsessed. Now every time I pass Caribou I want one. Again. I blame Holly.

Later we went to Target (shocking, I know) to grocery shop, finish the goodie bags for Grayson's birthday, and pick up a few fun things for the kiddos. We came home armed with coloring books, reading books, glow necklaces, and pirate eye patches. I truly LOVE being a mom to boys!

For dinner, I actually cooked a meal. It should come to no surprise to many of you that I can really only cook like four meals. I wish I was joking, but I am not. (Well, I only kinda wish I was joking. If I really cared, I would probably learn to cook more than that.) Today I tried a new meal. Now remember, I only do crock pot or ridiculously simple. Grab pan. Pour in Cambell's Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup. (Shocked again, I am sure.) Add a little water. Put Chicken breasts on top. Sprinkle Taco seasoning on top. Bake for 30 minutes. Serve over rice. It was delicious. Now if only I could find a GF version of that soup, I would be golden.

By 7:15, Grayson was wiped. He got REALLY whiny. I asked him if he wanted me to snuggle with him in bed and go to sleep. He said yes. He was fast asleep like two minutes later.

Griffin read a little more before bed, and then he joined him shortly after. I am about to press publish and go for a run on the treadmill before correcting some lovely papers from St. Scholastica. In two days, my second class as a college instructor will be behind me. I like the sound of that.

Day One: Success!

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