Monday, October 22, 2012

Being Still

Still? Really? Let's be honest. I don't do well with still. Does running count as my "stillness" time?

Okay. Joking aside. I follow blogs like there is no tomorrow. As in, I am a regular reader of about 30 blogs. Maybe more. But today I am linking up to Finding Joy. Her recent Sunday post made me sit for a moment and just be still. Yes. It was a short moment, but it worked. Here is my version of her Sunday Stills.

today: dressing comfy for spirit day; teaching effective introductions and long a vowel sounds; sharing my love of books; kissing boys' cheeks; writing blog posts; reflecting on life
want to be: a college professor and known for my actions as a Christ-follower;
blessings: a finished law class; listening to Griffin read a book; proactive doctors
thinking: about throwing my heart monitor against the wall
planning: my family's Christmas Cards; what I will wear for the rest of spirit week; a ten-year anniversary trip
writing: emails, blog posts, and comments to other blogs
loving: my new Nike running outfit; my Kindle; pictures of the boys
grateful: for new opportunities; time to read; the ability to run; my amazing family.
today {again}: let me be grateful for today... celebrating the little moments and finding joy.

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