Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Musings

Random thoughts and things pertinent to this week:
  • Today marks day 53 of my run streak.
  • 6 more weeks until I start training for my summer half marathon.
  • Griffin asked if he could pretend to be Dr. Seuss today. When asked why, he responded, "Because I want to write a book!"
  • Spring Break starts Saturday!
  • My baby turns three in less than two weeks.
  • SUPER stoked to receive a gift from my favorite sister :)
  • BEYOND excited to run the 100% Irish for a Day 5K with friends from school. Even more excited that I convinced Jolly Holly to run it---she has never done one before!
  • CAN'T contain my excitement as the countdown continues to March 23rd. Two words...Hunger. Games.
  • It gets better; Brandon just finished the book yesterday, and he is already onto Catching Fire.
  • Grayson ate Turkey for the first time today. He also ate a legitimate meal for dinner. Thank you, Kristen, for making me ask my doctor about going Gluten Free.
  • 6 more weeks left of Tax Season
  • My assignment for this week is to create a five page outline for my dissertation literature review. It's. getting. too. real.
  • Tomorrow I plan to cash my 3rd check from Northwestern College for being a repeat guest lecturer.
  • Toying with this possibility---7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess
  • Too many Adolescent Literature books coming out this spring...not enough time :(
  • Life is full, but it is oh. so. good.

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  1. sounds like a lot of awesome stuff. Happy bday to your babe!!! and wow what a running steak. Can wait for the spring training to commence.