Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Grayson!

Today you are three years old.



Yep. You read that right. Mr. Grayson is three. My baby is officially a little boy.

And man do you know how to pack some fun into that little three year old body of yours.

Let's see, little man. What should the world know about you?

The past few months have brought some changes in your life. You are officially Gluten-Free and have gained 1 lb. 8 oz. as a result. You have a few allergies like your brother, so no more stuffed animals for you either :( Thankfully asthma doesn't plague your lungs like Griffin, so you only have to take two medicines each night. You currently wear a size 2T in clothing and a size 7 in shoes. You still don't love brushing your teeth, but you tolerate it. Whole milk will be in your future for at least a few more months, but sippy cups are becoming a thing of your past. You sleep on the bottom bunk, and you don't like to go many places without your elephant (Horton) animal/blanket. Currently you LOVE watching Diego on Netflix and the Smurfs Movies...both old school and recent. You and your brother have killer dance moves to the song Dynamite...moves you show off each night before we go to sleep. You definitely know how to push your brother's buttons, but your love for him shows each and every day when I watch your face light up as he exits the bus from school. You are pretty good at remembering please and thank you, and you LOVE to remind everyone who listens that "we don't say shut up or stupid face." (Thank you, Kung Fu Panda). You are VERY excited to now use the "big kid" gym at the Y, and you are about to start swimming lessons. You currently have ZERO interest in potty training, but I'm not going to push you until you are ready. You are the most outgoing three year old I know. You constantly introduce yourself to new people...and by introduce I mean, "I'm Grayson Andrew Dunigan. What's your name?" Your knowledge of letters and print continue to amaze me. You are starting to point to words and ask, "What does that say?"

What are some things I love most about you? You are a ROUGH AND TUMBLE little man, through and through. Yet, in a blink of an eye, you look at me with sweet innocence and say, "I love you, Mom." I love the way you grab both of my cheeks to give me a "real kiss." (Your term for a kiss on the lips). I love the way you ask, "Does that have Gluten in it?" I adore the way you hug your brother, and I love that when you see something you like you say, "That's beautiful." I love that when I ask you to smile for the camera you say "cheese" and scrunch up your nose and eyes. I!

All in all, it's safe to say we think you are pretty fantastic.

***the above picture was taken at an early celebration in Wisconsin

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