Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games Midnight Showing

Couldn't wait to put on my Hunger Games Geek Squad Outfit!!!

District 12 (Katniss and Peeta) Nail Polish--Smoke and Ashes

District 11 (Rue and Thresh) Nail Polish--Agro

So happy that Brandon could come too!!!

Yep. Just think of us as the same person.

Although I was a little bummed she chose to wear a nail color from an enemy district... :)

My excitement for the midnight showing was contagious, so I was stoked when Holly O. said she would sleep over in order for Brandon to go with me! Holly J. and I had a blast preparing :) Despite my critique of the movie, I truly was in LOVE with it. I think they did an incredible job creating this masterpiece. They were smart in seeking Suzanne Collins' advice in creating the screenplay!

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  1. Love the outfit! Hope you had a great time! :)