Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Running in the Fall/Winter

Okay friends. What's the trick to running when the sun is rarely out?

Here I was, ready to run this morning at 5:45AM. I got dressed, ate a banana, grabbed my iPod, and was ready to go. That was, until I realized it was still dark outside.

Change of plans. I went to our local clubhouse and ran on the treadmill instead. Remember, mine is broken. I HAD NO DESIRE TO RUN ON THE TREADMILL!!! Cranking out those three miles this morning was torture! Normally I don't mind running on my treadmill, but when you are prepared to run outside, it is hard to shift your mindset.

So, how do you run outside when it is dark most of the time? Do I have to buy one of those dorky headlights? Are there paths you know of that are lit?


1 comment:

  1. I am not a runner, but I would like to form a rebuttal against the comment "one of those dorky headlights." Let me tell you, each member in our family owns one and uses them often. Reading in the dark, cleaning out boy's ears, shedding light in dark corners when needed. Definitely functional and definitely not dorky!!! ;)