Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Griffin!

Dear Griffin,

Five years ago today, I earned the best title I have to date, "Mother." Five years ago today, I welcomed you into my arms. I couldn't believe you were FINALLY here, and you were mine forever. As I held your gooey, slimy body against my chest, my heart grew to love you more than I ever thought possible. If you listen closely to the video your daddy took when you were born (I wouldn't let him press play until you were placed on my chest), I kept repeating "You are finally here. I can't believe you are mine, and I will love you forever." You rocked our world, little man. And our lives haven't been the same since.

As I watch you grow, my heart bursts a little more with love. It's interesting how the heart works. Just when I think my heart is to the max, I begin to love you, your brother, and your dad even more than I did the day before. I am so proud of the little man you are becoming. It makes me so proud to watch you use your manners, comfort your brother, and be helpful at church, day care, etc. I am amazed at how much you care for others and how much you notice about the world around you. Today you turn five, yet sometimes I swear you are a grown-up.

In a few short weeks, your world will be forever changed as you enter Kindergarten. This is bittersweet for me. As a teacher, I am psyched to watch my first born son enter school. As a mommy, I am sad that you are growing up so fast. How is that I am a mom to a kindergartener? Is it really possible? Alas, it is. You are so excited for school, and I hope that never changes. Just a few weeks ago you asked me if I could buy you a shirt that says "I love school." I haven't found one yet, but it made me smile when you asked for it!

Currently you are OBSESSED with Star Wars. While you have only seen a few scenes from the actual movie, you are familiar with the characters because of the Wii game. You are constantly asking to play Star Wars, and for your birthday, you asked for anything Star Wars or Transformers. You also like Rescue Heroes. You still love Mario Brothers, and you are so fun to watch when you pretend play. You are learning sight words, and you love to count to 100. You still need my help with a few of the higher digits, but your face lights up when you finally reach ONE HUNDRED!!! The two of us have been reading Magic Tree House books together. We almost read an entire book in ONE SITTING! Your love languages are Words of Affirmation and Physical touch, and you definitely know how to love others using your languages. I am constantly told what a wonderful mommy I am, and you ask to cuddle often:) You still sleep with the same Bear-Bear you have had since you were a baby, and that makes me smile. It's a little reminder that although five seems so old, you are still a little boy. My little boy.

Happy Birthday, Griffin! May you continue to grow strong in your faith and love others like Jesus!

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