Monday, August 29, 2011

Change is Hard

Today I started back to work. And that was hard.

Let me be clear. I LOVE TEACHING. I cannot imagine my life without a classroom. Really, I can't.

But at the same time, change is hard. I have spent most of my summer loving on my kids, and today that was Gail's job. Even though my kids have been going to day care for a few school year's now, I cried when I dropped them off. For the mothers who tell you it gets easier. They're lying!

Thankfully I got two huge hugs when I picked them up. And another one when we got home.

Going back to work has also put a damper on my running schedule. I'm TIRED. I don't want to run. But at the same time I do. Did I mention I broke my treadmill? So, now I can only run outside. Since summer is ending and fall is starting, I can no longer run outside past 8. And dude, I am NOT getting up to run before school. So, while I wait for my treadmill parts to arrive, I have to be super efficient with my time so that I am ready to walk out the door when two little G's go to bed. I don't do well with that.

Did I mention change is hard?

But alas. School is back in session. I will continue to run. It's just taking me more time to get used to it than I would like!

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  1. Hey - thanks for the comment! Looking forward to following you, and I LOVE all of YOUR post-race pics! Totally awesome!!! :)