Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sports of All Sorts

Today, Griffin and I started Sports of All Sorts, a community education program at one of the local elementary schools. The idea behind the class is to expose the kiddos to a different sport each week. This week--T-Ball! We started by just playing catch (not Griffin's strong point). Then Griffin practiced hitting off of our own little tee. Wow, Griffin can hit the ball hard! (Not surprising with all the tennis swinging he does.) I was impressed with the fact that he rarely hit the tee. At the end, we spent about 15 minutes trying to play a game. (I say we because it is a parent/child class.) I quickly realized that Griffin didn't quite understand the game. He was quite upset when the other kids tried to catch/get the ball after he hit it off the tee. He didn't quite get the fact that he was supposed to run to first base---instead he wanted to chase after the ball. Once we got that under control, all was well:)

I wish I had a picture, but since I was right there with him playing, taking pictures wasn't an option. Next time I am going to have Alivia (a diver turned AMAZING babysitter) bring Grayson with to take pictures. In the meantime, feast your eyes on Griffin's new tattoo, compliments of Uncle Andrew!

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