Monday, January 18, 2010

He turns ONE in just two short months!

Today, Grayson is officially ten months old! And guess what? He got his first official haircut today:) I think I have to do a little trimming, but he was a lot less squirmy than I thought he would be. Overall, it was a pretty positive experience.

In the last month, Grayson has become more and more mobile. He is constantly pulling himself up on anything, and he consistently walks to and from pieces of furniture. In the last two weeks, he has even started to stand all by himself. Just the other day, I was in awe of how long he stood without holding on to ANYTHING. I would be SHOCKED if he didn't start walking before his first birthday. He is also starting to show his mischievous side. If we forget to close the gate, he makes a beeline for the stairs, laughing the whole way as if he knows he isn't supposed to climb. He has also, on more than one occasion, gotten himself stuck in the toy box.

Most importantly, my littlest man is finally starting to put on some weight. He is drinking much better these days, and he is eating a fair amount of "big people" food. He doesn't really like mashed up baby food, so we just cut up whatever we eat. The surprise of the month was when he kept eating Rotel! I was astonished when he kept putting the peppers in his month, one right after another. His sleeping patterns are also more consistent at night now that he is eating better during the day. Brandon and I have enjoyed his 8-10 hour stretches of sleep at night for sure!

Happy 10-month Birthday, my handsome little fella!

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