Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frosty Frolic 2010

Some might argue that we were crazy, but a couple of my friends and I ran in the Frosty (or should I say Frozen) Frolic yesterday put on by the Centennial High School Student Senate. Despite the temperature being -10 degrees, we braved the weather and ran the annual 5K race. To be honest, the cold really wasn't that bad. After about five minutes, I wanted to start stripping off a few of my layers. The hardest part was the terrain. Student senators were placed throughout the course helping us stay aware of the slippery spots. I saw two people fall, but thankfully I was not one of them. Some snow covered areas of the course felt like we were running on sand, and other areas we basically had to walk over because of the ice. Nonetheless, I did enjoy myself, and all of the proceeds went to the local food shelf. My favorite part was seeing all of the frost on our cheeks, neck, and eyelashes at the end due to the condensation from our breathing. I can't say I am proud of my ten-minute mile pace, but considering my knee hurt most of the way, and the weather was so cold, I'll take it! Thanks, Mel for slowing down your pace to run with me!

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  1. Now that's a pic of my favorite CMS friends! Sounds like so much fun you guys...wish we lived closer to join you and catch up with you guys... Miss you....