Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

For Griffin's fourth Halloween and Grayson's first, we went all out! For the first time, we attended the Anoka Halloween Parade, and we will for sure try and make it an annual tradition. Did you know that Anoka is considered the Halloween Capital of the World? The parade definitely lived up to its reputation. The floats and costumes were a riot, and Griffin had the time of his life dancing and collecting candy. Grayson slept for most of the parade, but while he was awake, he seemed to enjoy his surroundings.

After the parade and a short nap, we went to the Scalia's House for some play time and trick-or-treating. But, before we could do anything, Robbie and Brandon went to Chipotle for free burritos!!! The Scalia neighborhood is much more kid friendly, so this is the third year we have gotten the two families together on this sugar-filled Holiday. As the pictures show, fun was had by all!

The other fun news we have to share is that Grayson is officially mobile. Over the last two days he is getting more and more coordinated. Although he can only take a few crawling steps before he falls on his stomach, he can finish his journey by rolling to his destination. Hello Cleaning!

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