Monday, October 26, 2009

My boys are changing right before my eyes...

I can hardly believe how much Griffin and Grayson are changing and growing. Both boys are trying new things and keeping Brandon and me on our toes. Parenthood is seriously amazing, but it can also be difficult, sad, and at times, overwhelming. We have definitely experienced this spectrum over the last few weeks.

Griffin just finished his last session of swimming lessons tonight, and we will definitely be signing up for another one. Despite his dare-devilish behavior at our subdivision's pool, he was quite timid when it came time to swimming lessons. Believe it or not, prior to today's lesson, I had a hard time getting him to do much of anything besides standing by the stairs. Thankfully, today something just clicked for him, and he was back to being the little fish I know and love. Griffin has also started to really test our patience, most often at bed time, and he clearly favors listening to my directions over Brandon's. We are trying our best to stay calm, but firm. At times it is hard to discipline his cute little face, but I know that in the long run, the more consistently we enforce rules, the better. His active imagination is also something that brings us great entertainment. Currently, he is obsessed with telling us about his pretend dogs (Benji, Lafrica, and Gutka) and all that he gets to do with them. Just yesterday, he "played tennis" with Roger Federer using only a straw, and afterward they "played catch." In case your wondering, Griffin won:)

Grayson is still struggling with GI issues, but today was a GREAT day. For the first time in several weeks, our little man was back to being his happy-go-lucky self. Although he still doesn't eat close to the amount he should, we are definitely seeing a positive change in behavior. Gail, his day care mom, also commented that today was a much happier day for our little man. Hopefully the combination of Prevacid and a new concoction of concentrated formula with a lot of rice cereal will continue to help him improve and gain weight. We visit the pediatric GI specialist on Monday, and he will determine whether or not we need to carry out the scheduled Upper GI Endoscopy on November 6th. For now, it's waiting game, but we are thrilled to see more smiles on our youngest son's face. In addition to increased smiles, we are also noticing quite a few developmental changes. He is constantly "talking" and exploring the sounds his mouth can make. He is also starting to put himself into the crawling position, and we even caught him trying to pull himself into the standing position. He was able to go from the seated position to his knees by pulling on the edge of our coffee table. It won't be long before he is officially mobile!!!

I continue to take pictures and try to document as much of their lives as I can. I know time flies, so I am trying cherish the phases they are in...I know they won't be in them for long!

Until next time, feast your eyes on the little loves of my life:)

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