Friday, October 16, 2009

Grayson Update

Our littlest man is a bit too little...

Plagued by something, our precious boy isn't eating the way he should. We found out two weeks ago that someone his age should be eating a bare minimum of 23 ounces a day. This is to maintain weight. In order to grow, he should be eating around 30 ounces a day. Well, we are lucky when he eats 20 ounces, and most days he eats around 18 ounces. Although the current medicine they have him on is starting to make him happier in between feedings, there are still times throughout the day where he is clearly in pain, and he refuses to eat a normal amount of liquids. Our saving grace is that he is back to being a good sleeper. Now that he is able to roll both ways in his crib, (he kept getting stuck) he has the all clear to sleep on his stomach. He now rolls over onto his stomach the instant you put him down. Although it makes me a bit nervous having him sleep on his stomach, it clearly makes him more comfortable, and in return, he is sleeping like a champ. (Well, most nights!)

We go back to the pediatric GI specialist on Monday down at the U of M. If his previous test results come back inconclusive, he will be scheduled for an upper GI endoscopy. Although I don't want to watch him go through more tests, I am reassured that the doctor will get to the bottom of Grayson's troubles.

Please pray for wisdom on the doctor's behalf, our patience, and comfort for Grayson!

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