Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Griffin!

So, we started Griffin's festivities last night by giving Griffin a bath and painting him like Flash, one of his new favorite super heroes. We also gave him a pair of Spiderman Pajamas. Doesn't he look cute? Then as soon as he woke up this morning, we allowed him to open up his present from Auntie Le'Dean, Uncle Jeff, Henry, and Ella. He had been asking for super hero toys for a while, so we let him open those right away! By nine in the morning, we were at the Como Zoo with a few of his friends to celebrate the day. Well, we were at the park first because I was a moron and didn't know that the zoo opened at ten, but whatever. We walked around for a while, hit up Como Town, and then ended the festivities by eating lunch, having a cupcake pull-apart cake, opening presents, and taking a ride on the carousal . It was a full morning, and both boys fell asleep on the car ride home. Thank you Holly, Missy, Melissa, Annie, Kelsey, and the kiddos for making Griffin's day one he will surely remember.

After rest time and dinner, we continued the festivities by allowing Griffin to open his presents from us. Although I thought our horses would take a backseat to the rest of his toys, I am pleased to announce that he said they were his favorite. He even took a bath with them tonight! After presents, we spent sometime outside using his new bubble wand, and then he simmered down by watching a little of Beauty and the Beast. I am pretty sure he went to bed a happy camper...couldn't get him to part with his new toys! All in all, it was a pretty wonderful day, and I am exhausted:)


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