Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brandon's Baptism

Today was an exciting day for the Dunigan Family. Brandon participated in Eagle Brook Church's outdoor baptism! There were over 200 people who chose to be baptized, and it was just awesome to see so many people proclaiming their faith. It was a neat I am sure neither one of us will forget. Thank you Angie, Chad, Becca, Nick, Charlie, Holly, Jill, Heath, Missy, Robbie, Isabel, and Kelsey for coming to support Brandon!!!

Announcing his faith in Jesus...pre-dunking...

After the dunking...

Dry before the dunking...

Everyone who came to support us!

Our attempt at a family picture after the big event!

Our Small Group after the big event---Becca was also baptized

The Oberg Family---Charlie was also baptized:)

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  1. Amazing. What an amazing God we serve - LOVE the redemptive story he tells through our stories, our hearts, our lives! Praising God for Brandon's baptism!