Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Ready for Change

In a few short days, change will occur for the Dunigan Family. We will be waking the kids up bright and early so I can head off to work after dropping them off at Gail's House. I can't begin to describe how sad this makes me. Don't get me wrong; I love teaching, but I also love cuddling, reading, eating, and playing with my OWN kiddos. Thankfully Griffin is excited to head back to Gail's, but this will be the first time for Grayson. Pray that this transition goes well!

In the meantime, our days our continuing to be busy and full of life. Last week, both boys took part in the Parent/Child dedication with us at Eagle Brook. So many friends and family members came out to support us during this celebratory weekend; it was truly amazing to feel so much love and support directed at our boys. THANKS to all who attended and celebrated God's love and truth with us. A special thank you goes to my brother, Andrew, for preparing all the food. I have received numerous compliments on our taco bar!

Although I have had to make a few trips into school this week, I have tried to cram in playground time, pool time, and last minute shopping. Griffin continues to love the water, and Grayson enjoys naps in the shade:) Griffin has a new fascination with the preview for New Moon. Having read the books, which I love by the way, I know he won't actually see the movies for quite some time. However, I delight in watching him get so excited over a two minute video/interview.

Some big news---Grayson's first tooth officially broke through his gums on Sunday! Griffin didn't get his first tooth until after he was nine months old, so we are in new territory dealing with a teething boy so young. He occasionally suffers from low-grade fevers, is a bit more fussy, and constantly chews on whatever he can get his hands on, but I know that it could be worse.

Well---off to enjoy my boys some more. I hope you enjoyed the pictures:)

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  1. I am weepy thinking about the Dunigan's stepping forth boldly for Parent/Child Dedication! Praise God - I know it's your hearts, but I am thrilled to see pics of your public declaration of your parental decision to raise kids with God @ the center!

    Blessings and LOVE to you Dunigan's!