Saturday, October 1, 2011

Conversations with Griffin

Both of my boys are talkers. Right now, I love hearing Griffin tell me stories about his life--especially ones about Kindergarten.

Minutes ago I asked him a lot of questions, and he was happy to fill me in on his life :)

When I ask Mrs. E to tell me about you, what do you think she will say?

"I like centers. There's this table. It's called a sensory table. It has corn in it. I love it. And I like the mystery box. It's kinda tricky."

Do you raise your hand in school? "Yes (insert eye roll). Mrs. Egan says, 'No blurting out.'"

"I love recess." What's your favorite thing about recess? "Me, Noelle (boy), and Mitchell chase Tessa around. She's so fast; we can never catch her. Then when we all run back inside, we look like a bunch of canon balls."

When we went running earlier today, Griffin told me how excited he was to run in next week's race in Maple Grove. He proceeded to tell me, "At the end of the race, I will push my fast animal button. Then I can fly through the end of the race." Hmm...I think I need one of those!

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