Saturday, October 1, 2011

My life is insane. Running is not.

I was told the other day that it is impressive that I find the time to run despite my chaotic schedule right now. Here's the thing. Is my schedule nuts? Absolutely! Am I amazed that I haven't gotten sick yet? YES! Is cutting out the running an option? NOPE. But it's not because I am super woman. And it isn't impressive either. It's because running is my lifeline right now. I can say with 100% certainty that I would shut down, mentally and physically, if I stopped running.

This fall has been exhausting. School only started a month ago, but I have done more in the last month than I ever thought possible. My responsibilities at school became more demanding as the number of different classes I teach increased. Furthermore, I DO NOT recommend teaching full-time, taking a doctoral class, teaching/interning in a grad school class, and then finding out your oldest son has allergies all at the same time. Especially if you have two small children. But alas, my schedule lined up this way, and unless I took a semester off, there was nothing I could do about it. Let's just say I am thankful that my children are in bed by 7:30, and I have an incredibly supportive husband!!!

(The good news is that I have most of November and all of December and January off from Bethel. The doubling up on stuff this fall provides me with a MUCH needed break! Plus, our Mexico trip will be here in a blink of an eye!)

There have been many times during the last few weeks where I have been close to tears. My mental capacity is at its limit each and every day. I do not get overwhelmed easily, but when I do, I crash. Running has prevented this crash. Not only has it given me time to pray, reflect, and/or watch television(when I run on the treadmill), it also afforded me almost 80 minutes of conversation with my dear friend Holly. It's pretty rare that I get to spend alone time with my close friends, but it is hard to pass up a situation where I can accomplish a run and a conversation at the same time. Enter an 8 mile run last weekend with Miss Holly.

Last week, running also gave me some short stints of alone time with Griffin. When I run outside, Griffin often runs the first mile with me. My attention is 100% on him during this time. I am not running my to do list in my head. I am not making dinner or cleaning the house. I am devoted to just having a conversation with my five year old. I also love that we are exercising together. He loves to run because it is fun for him. And I love that he wants to have that fun with me. Although he is still too small, Grayson has asked to join me for runs too. I pray his desire stays when he is old enough.

Some knit. Some scrapbook. Some watch television. Some meet friends for a drink. I run. It's not impressive. It just keeps me sane.

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