Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kindergarten Conference

Today was Griffin's first conference at school. Yep. My boy is growing up. And so am I. It has been so hard to be a mother on the other side of things. I know so much as a teacher, and I catch myself wearing that hat too often. Today, I had to be the mom first. In an academic setting. This is harder than it sounds. Trust me.

But, as far as conferences are concerned, I am not sure it could have gone any better. Griffin's teacher clearly knows my son well, and it is obvious she knows his strengths and areas of growth. She repeatedly told us what a pleasure it is to have him in class. As a teacher, I loved learning exactly where he is academically. As a mom, I loved hearing that my child is kind, helpful, and a great participator.

As a mom, I knew my child was ready for Kindergarten this year. As a teacher, I struggled with not holding him back because you hear the horror stories from teachers who deal with "young" five year olds. Today, we were reaffirmed. We made the right decision because Griffin is flourishing in Kindergarten.

When I asked Griffin what he thought Mrs. Egan would say about him, he responded, "Um...that I am awesome." (And apparently humble too.) Well it's true Mr. Griffin. She used those words. She agrees with us. You are one awesome kid.

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