Monday, September 27, 2010

Well Child Check-Up

Today, Griffin and I got our flu shots during Grayson's well child check up. My arm is a bit sore, but I am psyched that both flu vaccinations are in one shot this year:)

Grayson is "just perfect" as my doctor told me today. A little on the small side, as usual, but nothing we haven't heard before. We were hoping for him to gain enough weight so that we could stop adding formula to his whole milk, but no such luck. Our little turkey weighs 21lbs. 11oz and is 31.75 inches tall. This puts him back into the 5th percentile for weight and 30th percentile for height. The good news is that his size no longer stresses me out. He is still growing, he doesn't appear to be in any pain, and he no longer throws a fit whenever we eat. For now, that's all I can worry about.

While I was a little concerned with his verbal development, the doctor is not worried. She reminded me that I can't compare where Griffin was at this age because Griffin is so advanced with his speech. It wasn't "normal" for Griffin to be using full sentences at 18 months like he was. So while Grayson seems behind, he really isn't.

So, there you have it. He's just perfect:)

Current Grayson-isms: Up! Stuck! No-no! Mama. Dada. All done. Blanket (more like banket). Duck. Dog. Bye-bye!

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