Friday, August 6, 2010

Life Lessons from a Fibroadenoma

The past two weeks have been a bit stressful for our family. After discovering a lump in my breast, it was determined that doctor visits and testing needed to be done. This discovery coupled with family history sent my mind through a whirlwind of what-ifs and slight freak outs. Thankfully good friends and God's Truth helped keep me at ease.

On Monday of this week, I had an ultrasound to confirm the location, size, and consistency. It was possible that I was going to need a mammogram, but I thankfully avoided this torture because of my age:) Results of the ultrasound prompted further testing, so on Tuesday I went in for a needle biopsy. Not the most pleasant experience, but I survived.

I finally received the phone call today informing me that everything is okay, and that my lump is benign. I do not have breast cancer; I have a Fibroadenoma. I will most likely schedule a time in the near future to have it removed, but there is no rush. All is well with my health!

I always search for reasons behind our medical ordeals. Because let's be honest, the Dunigan Family has been plagued by our fair share of medical problems, scares, and such. The day of my biopsy, I realized that God was trying to tell me to slow down. With work, school at Bethel, running, swimming lessons, and much more, I was forgetting to just cherish my summer. I was forgetting to marvel at the little things. I was forgetting that my family is what matters more than anything. So, I cancelled a few plans to go in to work this week and next, took a day off of running, and have been soaking up the summer with my family and friends. Tonight, we are going out to dinner with the Obergs. A last minute get together--not normally my thing, but I am psyched to celebrate good news with my family and good friends!

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  1. I'm sighing with relief, thinking of you Sandra.
    Jill P.