Monday, October 21, 2013

Fun-Filled MEA

I love my job. I truly believe God made me to be a teacher. I have no doubts that God gave me the ability to teach both at my church and in the public schools for a laundry list of reasons. I love getting kids excited about reading. I love inspiring kids to start running. I love challenging kids to answer the question, "What is your integrity worth?" I love showing my own kiddos that school is IMPORTANT. I could go on...And like Johanna said (click here for an AMAZING post), isn't it amazing that we serve a God who made us multifaceted? He made me to be a teacher and a mother. Both roles are important for their own reasons. God made me to be both, and this is more than okay.

With that being said, I also love breaks that allow me to soak up extra time with my own kiddos. Over MEA, we covered lots of ground. We made memories. I cherished their smallness (what's left of it anyways). And I loved on them. We read. We went to Zero Gravity. We snuggled and watched movies. We went to BlackOut at the Mall of America. We read some more. We made crafts. We went to the most LOW KEY wedding ever. One that allowed us to show pictures of our wedding to our boys. One that allowed us to have our OWN table. It was a joy to be able to share in Laura's special day, but I also loved that we got some QUALITY family time too. We went to church. We read some more. (Did I mention that I read four books during the long break?) And we cuddled some more. Could I have done more cleaning? Of course. But that doesn't matter, nor does it bother me. What matters is my family loved on each other.

We did a ton, but at the same time, nothing was stressful or seemed overbooked. I am blessed.

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