Sunday, April 1, 2012

One Step Closer

Two minutes ago I submitted a draft of my Dissertation Prospectus. The final copy is due at the end of summer. At that point, I can submit my proposal to Bethel's Institutional Board (IRB), and they can say yay or nay to me conducting research with students. Goodness gracious I hope they say YAY! But for now, let's just focus on the positives. I am one step closer to that finish line. The one where I can say I earned a doctorate degree. Pretty big finish line if you ask me.

This 20 page draft, though, was a killer. Despite the fact that our professor was brilliant and had us doing mini-assignments that prepped us along the way, the final submission (which is still a draft) took a lot of effort to complete. The whole working full time, having a husband working 70 plus hours a week, and being a mom thing threw me for a loop. My time is limited, and too often I forget that :) Squeezing in running was close to impossible, but I did it. I worked, I mothered, I ran, I researched, I wrote, and I slept. That's what I did for the last week, and not much else.

Just call me Dr. D.

Actually, don't. I hate that. While I will be proud of my degree, I still get weirded out when I call a person doctor so and so, and they aren't doctors of medicine. My father-in-law is Dr. Dunigan. Not me.

Maybe that will be my next goal.

Or not :)

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