Saturday, April 14, 2012

Break Up

Dear Tanning Bed,

I know I don't frequent you often. But we need to break up. For good.

It saddens me. It does. My pasty white skin when we attend winter/spring weddings and at the beginnings of vacations will mourn you. But, it's for the better.

You aren't worth it my friend. Not after my scare this week.

My mole came back bad. The skin they cut off around it...thankfully, that's still good.

But the four stitches on my stomach and the heart attack I had when I received the phone call from my doctor solidified what I already knew. It was time for a permanent breakup. (Emails, my chart updates, and letters in the mail mean all is well. Phone calls after hours...not a good sign.)

Don't feel bad. The sun and I... We are no longer friends either. Well, at least not until I lather up in sunscreen.


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