Monday, April 23, 2012


Griffin ran his very first 5K on Saturday. He literally ran the whole way, clocking in a time of 32:35. To say I was surprised and impressed is an understatement, but I guess running runs through his veins like his momma. While I plan to limit the amount of 5K's he does, I look forward to our weekly one mile runs.

The race was simply perfect. The proceeds benefited the libraries in our district, and each student runner received a free book in addition to their race shirt. Griffin was very eager to pick out his book. It was a joy to share two of my passions with him---Literacy and Running

Friends from work were also there, and they added to Griffin's excitement. They pumped him up at the beginning, during, and at the end. We were actually able to keep pace with three particular friends most of the way. It is obvious that Griffin has inherited my competitive spirit because he repeatedly told me, "Mom, we CANNOT let them beat us." He did a phenomenal job of keeping their pace (you know, because he is five), but towards the end he slowed a bit. At the finish, though, they were thoughtful enough to slow down so that Griffin could zoom past them and "win!" THANK YOU Holly J., Anny, and Nikki. Griffin beamed for most of the day.

Afterwards, we went to celebrate with Holly O., Addie, and Emma at Perkins. What better way to end a perfect run with delicious breakfast food and great friends?

I didn't start running until the last couple of years, so I am excited that he found this passion early on. I look forward to watching him run more in the future, but most of all, I am so thankful he has found a HEALTHY way to occupy his time. His team of doctors are so pleased with his progress, and his asthma/allergy doctor told me that this is the best thing for him. Going on runs with this little man is one of my favorite activities right now, and the smile on his face as he ran this weekend proves he loves it too.


  1. THIS just made my morning. I can't believe his time! and his happy cute little face CONGRATS Griffin :) YAY!!!

    I seriously can't wait till Logan can do that with me. and I had asthma and allergies as a I don't even need an inhaler ;) or allergy drugs.

  2. Thanks! I hope Griffin ends up going off some of his meds. He currently has two inhalers and three other medications that he takes EVERY day in addition to his allergy shots that he gets once a week. While his health has improved significantly since we started all of this therapy in the fall, I would love for him to one day wean off. But for now, his health is good. We only had one bout with pneumonia this winter, and his peak flow numbers have been stellar recently!!!

    And you will love it when Logan can run with you. It is SO MUCH FUN!!!